What is the real size of a full version GTA Vice City Game for PC?

GTA Vice City Full Version PC Game setup size is approx 1 GB & When you will install Game, its final size will become approx 1.46 GB.

GTA vice city game setup size
GTA Vice City full version Game size after installing

Conclusion – I hope you understood, what is the GTA vice city game setup size or game size after installing.


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  1. Yeah thank you, but I hope too it’s original and official version of “Grand Theft Auto Vice City” released by: Rockstar.
    Because there are some versions (probably not by Rockstar) with the different songs in the radio stations of the game. And the only reason that I reached to your website is about the size of installation file that some people change that for their interests. Anyway I sincerely appreciate your help.

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