what is ISI mark – Meaning, full form, Importance

[note] What is ISI Mark[/note]

ISI mark is a certification mark which is for industrial products in India since 1955. This mark is developed by Bureau of Indian Standards (भारतीय मानक सस्थान). ISI mark ensures that the product which has ISI mark, they are the well quality safe product of India because Bureau of Indian Standards Checked all things about the product quality & provided a certification mark which is – ISI mark.

Full-Form of ISI Mark is – Indian Standards Institution

ISI Mark is very important for our daily life because before buying any product, we can believe that, the product which has ISI mark on it -they are 100% safe and 100% quality product.

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Let us understand ISI Mark with an example

ISI mark on the purified water bottle

If you have any company and if you are selling any products in India and if you want to show on the market that – our product is 100% safe & 100% good in quality then you need to prove by giving sample product to Bureau of Indian Standards. After that, the Bureau of Indian Standards will check your product & if the product got passed from the Bureau of Indian Standards, then that product will get an ISI mark. After that, you can attach the ISI mark with information on your product.

At the right side, as you can see there is an ISI mark on a purified water bottle. You can believe that – it is a good product but there are also many fake products available in the Indian market who attach ISI mark on their own product. But don’t worry, you can easily find out which product has fake ISI mark or which product has Real ISI mark.

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