how to compress video files without losing quality – Like 2GB to 110MB

HD videos or Longer videos generally are in large size, but you can also reduce video file size easily, so here, you will learn how to compress video files.

Generally HD videos or longer videos or any other videos whose file size is big, they take a lot of storage space + if we need to upload videos on site or anywhere on the internet we can’t upload it easily because it takes a lot of time + lot of internet data, but don’t worry you can easily reduce the video file size by compressing without losing the quality of that video by using a software called – handbrake.

Steps for Compressing any video without losing quality

  • First, download Handbrake software from download button –
  • Install Handbrake software in PC ( Desktop Or laptop).
  • Now open Handbrake to compress video files without losing quality-step 1
  • Click on File which is showing on the top and then click on Open Source. how to compress video files without losing quality -step 2
  • Click on File again which is showing on the left side. how to compress video files without losing quality -step 3
  • Select that video, which you want to reduce video file size. Selecting video files for compressing -step 4.
  • Now in handbrake software, simply go in Video option and in Framerate option, Select – ( Same as source) option, if you want to make a smoother video, same like original video. Once Everything is done, click on Browse button and choose the path, where you want to save the compressed video & then click on save button.Handbrake software settings for better compression without loosing quality -step 5Selecting path for saving compressed video - step 6
  • Once everything is done, directly click on the Start Encoding button which is in the top and start the compression to compress video files without losing quality -step 7
  • After complete compression, you can check the Size of both videos.Size comparison of between compressed videos and uncompressed video

By using this handbrake software, you can easily compress video files size of any video. I hope you understood everything.


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