how to highly compress files using 7zip – 1.50 GB to 464 MB with live proof

In this page, you will learn how to highly compress files using 7zip + I have also provided a video in which I have shown – how to compress files from – 1.50 GB to 400 MB with live proof.

  • First, Download 7Zip software from download button –
  • Install 7zip software inside PC.
  • Now select file or folder and right click on it, then move your cursor into 7zip, then again move the cursor on Add to archive and then click on it.highly compress files using 7zip step 1
  • Now do a tick mark on – create SFX archive if you want to make setup file. ( if you do a tick mark on Create SFX archive then you can easily extract compressed file anywhere without installing 7zip software in PC)highly compress files using 7zip step 2
  • Simply Select
    • Compression level – “Ultra
    • Compression method –  LZMA2.
    • Dictionary size – Up to maximum.
    • Word size256 ( up to maximum)
    • Solid block SizeSolid.
    • The number of CPU threads – 1 or 2 as per your choice.
  • Now click on OK button to highly compress the file.
  • Once small window get disappear, means the file is compressed successfully.file compressing by 7zip is in progress comparison of size between compressed file and uncompressed file

What is the use of 7zip?

Suppose, if you have any file which consumed more size in PC or if you want to upload a file on the internet, so at that situation, if any file already is in less size then you can easily upload files & also if you have stored any file on your hard drive which has less size then that file not consume more space. Now if you want to make data files into a smaller size, you need to use some compression tool such as 7zip software, WinRar, etc. So in order to compress data files into a small size, you need to use 7zip software or any other software. Now no need to take any kind of tension because you can compress any data files easily by using a software called 7zip which is completely FREE. WinRAR is also a software which is used to compress data files but that is not better than 7zip.

I hope you understood how to compress files using 7zip, You can use this method to compress data files such as games files, any local document files or any other kind of data files.


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