how to create SFX archive in 7zip

7zip is the tool which is used to compress or decompress the file, In this page, you will learn how to create SFX archive in 7zip. After that, you can easily create a self-extracting archive without any problem.

how to create sfx archive in 7zip

Below are the steps with picture + video to create SFX archive in 7zip.

  • First, select the files, or a folder which you want to keep in the 7zip SFX.
  • Now, After selecting files or folders, you need to right click on the mouse.
  • Place your mouse on 7zip – then click on add to the archive.

  • At the right side, you will see somethings option like – create SFX archive. Simply do a check mark on it.
  • Now no need to do anything, simply click on the ok button to create 7zip SFX. But if you want to create SFX in compressed size, so that file size will get reduced, then you need to do something.
  • Simply Select
    • Compression level to ultra.
    • Compression method to LZMA2.
    • Dictionary size to up to maximum.
    • Select the number of CPU threads1 or 2 as per your choice.
  • Now everything is done, simply click on the ok button to create SFX archive by 7 zip.


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