GTA 4 command line for low-end pc

GTA 4 is a PC game , a good pc is required in order to play smoothly, so if you want to play GTA 4 smoothly in a low pc end computer then you need GTA 4 command line for low-end pc, after that, some amount of lag gets reduced.

GTA 4 command line download for low pc end computer

Click on download button to download GTA 4 command line for low-end pc

How to download & install GTA IV command line

  • It is very easy to download the command line, Only you need to click on – Download Command line button to download GTA 4 command line.
  • Go to that location, where you downloaded the command line, then double click on it.
  • Click on the extract button, once you click on the extract button, a commadline.txt file will get extracted.
  • Right-click on commadline.txt & Copy commandline.txt and paste it in the GTA IV Game folder.
  • Now you can run GTA 4 PC Game in low pc end computer.

Note: by using this method, You can run GTA 4 game with little bit smoothness or without more lag in low pc end computers, if you not getting smoothness after doing this, then you need a better PC for playing GTA 4.You can either BUY good laptop or desktop.


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