google search console not verifying – Unable to verify domain using DNS TXT record after adding it.

Solved: google search console not verifying – Ownership verification failed. Here is the perfect solution if google search console not verifying your domain in new search console. Here on this page, we provided steps – How to Verify Your Site in new Google Search Console.

Method 1 to solve – Ownership verification failed in new google search console

[note] Method 1 to solve [/note]

Ownership verification failed
Verification method: Domain name provider Failure reason: We couldn’t find your verification token in your domain’s TXT records. You might need to wait a few minutes before Google sees your changes to the TXT records. We found these DNS TXT records: null

If you are trying to verify your website in new google search console, then after clicking on the verify button, you get a message like this – Ownership verification failed. So this error will come when you want to verify your website with the DNS method. Right?. But don’t worry, simply follow our steps of method 1, if your website is not verified yet or your website is hosted in shared hosting.

Now In the new Google search console, there is no option for verifying your website except the DNS method. So you need to verify your website by using DNS method only. Simply follow our simple steps and verify your website easily using the DNS method.

  • First, Sign in to your domain name provider account from where you bought your domain name. Such as – GoDaddy, Namecheap, Bluehost, etc.
  • Then go in domain manage section, then go to the DNS setting of the domain.

  • Create a new record in TXT section.
  • Type your domain name in host section, paste the verification code in TXT value section, select 1/2 hour in TTL section because TTL section is nothing but it is time, how much time you want to take for effect.
  • After filling all the details, click on the save button.
  • All done, come to Google search console homepage click on the verify button.
  • Yah! verified, it’s working. If not working then try our second method. Because 2 method is for that person who hosted their website in VPS hosting.

Method 2 to solve – Ownership verification failed in the new Google search console – website hosted in VPS hosting

[note]Method 2 is useful for that person who hosted their website in VPS hosting.[/note]

  • First, Open the dashboard of that website, from where you bought VPS hosting. ( Note: here your domain name provider haven’t any control on your DNS setting if you have hosted your site in VPS hosting)
  • Go in the section of domain manager, there is some options present like create a new record.
  • Create a new record in TXT section, copy verification code from search console page and paste that code in the TXT value section.
  • Now simply write your website address OR type @ inside host section, then click on create a record.
  • All done, simply go back to the search console page, click on the verify button.
  • Yah! Now verified, it’s working.


By using any method from these two, you can verify your domain in google search console if you are facing- Ownership verification failed problem. I hope your problem is solved. You can also take a look of our other articles – GTA 4 game stuck at first screen, The link you followed has expired in WordPress.


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