Difference between RAM and ROM

Here is the Difference between RAM ( Random Access Memory) and ROM ( Read-only memory). I have provided all the important differences between RAM and ROM by using a table.

Difference between RAM and ROM
The Full form of RAM is – Random Acess memoryThe Full form of ROM is – Read only memory
It is volatile memory because all data are get erased once power is offIt is non- volatile memory because all data are permanently stored even after power off.
It is used to store the data that has to be currently processed by CPU temporarily.It stores the instructions required during bootstrap of the computer.
It temporarily stores dataIt stores data permanently even after power off.
RAM is a costlier than ROM.ROM is cheaper than RAM.
There are Two Types of RAM – SRAM,DRAM There are 3 Types of ROM- PROM, EPROM, EEPROM.
Read – Write Speed of RAM is more than ROM Write speed is slower and writing of data is a little bit harder.
It is used for normal operations It is used for startup processes of computer.
RAM is very fast memory than ROM but it consumes more powerIt is fast memory but less than RAM and it consumes less power as compared to RAM .
RAM plays a very important role in the computer because it increases the speed of the computer Inside ROM, BIOS files are stored, which is used to start the computer,Otherwise, without BIOS software, computer can’t start.


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